Statement of faith

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it"

foundation PHASE

We aspire to develop the learners in a holistic manner in terms of their mental capability, physical, and emotional growth. We implement the curriculum as stipulated by CAPS Policy Documents in all the four subjects: Mathematics, English (HL), Life Skills and Afrikaans (FAL) At Christian Progressive College we encourage the learners to communicate their ideas effectively and fluently in the language of teaching and learning. We teach learners to read text at grade level, fluently and with understanding so as to answer oral and comprehension questions from lower order to higher order questions. We build a strong foundation that enables learners to work with numbers in Mathematical concepts. Christian Progressive College imparts Christian values to the learners and helps them to become disciplined learners who treat each other with respect. It is all about learner’s basic skills, knowledge, emotional and physical development and intelligence. Our learners are exposed to exciting learning themes in the classroom environment and in the world around them through play, educational programs and tours. We strongly believe that a happy child to us, creates a happy school. This makes it easier for our experienced staff to impart valuable knowledge to them.


Our top priority is to instill sound Christian norms and values to every child who enters through our doors which will be reflected back into the communities and society at large. Academically, emphasis goes beyond building on the basic foundation from the previous phase, but to lead learners into more abstract thought and independent work. Application of skill and concepts are our main focus, aiming to prepare learners for High School and a successful adulthood. Each child is challenged and encouraged to reach his/her full potential through active participation in both core academic subjects and extra mural activities. Extra mural activities include the Art Club, Karate, Brass band, Coding, Dance Club, Ballroom Dancing, Chess Club, Choir, Knitting Club, Drama Club and Computer Literacy (which is offered as an additional subject and non-examinable). As it takes a village to raise a child, educators and parents are not only encouraged to play an active part in educating the little ones but are required to be excellent role models easily emulated by every learner. In this way, the spirit of Ubuntu is inculcated in each and every person who is part and parcel of the greater Christian Progressive College community.


The school curriculum is CAPS orientated. High school is divided into two components i.e. GET (General Education and Training) and FET (Further Education and Training). GET consists of Grade 8 & 9 while FET Grade 10 – 12. The final exit qualification comes at the end of Grade 12 in the writing of the final examination. The school is registered under the GDE Examination Board (Umalusi). Learners are taught in a holistic manner/way. They are encouraged to develop a sound work ethic and small class sizes allow for individual attention. Academic support is available to all learners in various subjects or learning areas. Formal and informal assessments are conducted throughout the year. Term tests are held in Term 1 and Term 3 while Exams in Term 2 and Term 4. The school follows the 4 Term period. Learners with special concessions are identified in Grade 11 for matric purposes. Our academic staff are highly qualified and continual professional development is emphasized. Performance evaluation is an ongoing process to ensure that the needs of learners are being met/achieved. We pride ourselves on our service to learners by offering a holistic education. In line with this holistic education, Christian Progressive College has built up a reputation of academic excellence.

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