About Us

We aspire to instil the values of Christian Progressive College, values of integrity, humility,

 com­passion and courage in service to our com­munity and country.

Our Values


Show dedication towards your duties


Be Truthful At All Times



Value Yourself & Others Around You



Walk Up Right. Truthful To Yourself and All Those Around You

School Pride

Love Your School & Be Of Service To It


Exercise Patience, Have Humility. Consider Others Opinions


Be Free to Express Your Rights With Virtue


Bear One Another In Love


Orderliness, Cleanliness, Organised, conscientious In All Duties and Physical Appearance



Our Vision

                                                    All stakeholders must work together to achieve success

  • Promoting respect for God and His creatures.
  • Set and maintain high academic standards
  • Promote self esteem and respect for others through the model of invitational education.
  • Regard all individuals as able, available and responsible.
  • Appoint and develop educators devoted to high professional values.
  • Focus on building dynamic relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Involve parents as active partners in the school management
  • Assume responsibility for the development of our local community through altruistic and philanthropic action

Our Mission

   Christian Progressive College is a Bible believing Christian School, which aims at putting foremost learner’s program of character, spiritual development and value based leadership training into a meaningful nation in building citizens.  In future Christian Progressive College continues to :

  • Offer young people responsible training with a purpose driven adventure
  • Instilling younger people time value and develop in them ethical character as expressed in God’s word.
  • Train younger people in citizenship service and leadership.
  • Serve their communities and families with quality value programs.

Soaring Higher,
Bring that dream Alive

Principal's Note

C.F.G Bester PhD

Ethos, enthusiasm and expertise!  These are the factors that determine the success of a school. Here at Christian Progressive College, we offer them all and we have been doing so for the past 21 years

 We believe in high standards for our pupils and it is reflected in our excellent Matric results. In a world that has lost many of its standards we expect our pupils to be polite, hardworking, and involved in social work and community development.

 In other words we try to ensure that when they leave the school they will be decent, useful and principled members of society. We want them to know that real success in life is about being honest, fair, tolerant and charitable.

If this all seems like hard work and no play let me assure you that we believe in a rounded education and that there are plenty of activities such as sports, drama, music and debating provided for our Learners.

Such activities, like the wheels going round on a bicycle, rewind our dynamos. When sports day comes around or when they put on their concert their enthusiasm ignites ours over and over again.

It goes without say, that our teachers have all the expertise they need to ensure that students learn to be the best in their individual capacities. That means that we treat pupils as individuals each with something unique to offer the world. It is not WHAT we teach them that matters as much as what we ENABLE them to learn for themselves.

Furthermore, we have a full time Pastor to look after our spiritual needs since we are a school with a Christian character as indicated in our name.

We have a very stringent attitude towards bullying and take any such complaints very seriously, so your child would be coming to a safe environment in coming here to school.

Why don’t you drop in sometime and look at our school. You will be surprised by our facility!


Directors Foreword

Christian Progressive College was founded in 1996 by two partners MP Khelo and DK Nkosi. Initially as a remedial school helping learners achieve better grades in Maths, Science and English. Its growth in enrollment figures was strengthened by the teaching methods through which tutors presented their lessons

Coincidentally the school doors opened at the same time as the country entered into a new democratic dispensation, the euphoric atmosphere and the promise of a new dawn brought with it challenges for the previously disenfranchised. Christian Progressive College offered great hope to parents who then realized that the public schools in the townships were not sufficient to adequately prepare their children to survive in the fast growing and ever changing environment that democracy ushered in.

Fast forward 20 years and we are still going strong. The school has grown exponentially in all spheres and we look forward to many more years to come where we can impact the lives of the many young learners who pass through Christian Progressive College.

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